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Guest Blog: How To Make Any Bachelorette Party Budget-Friendly

July 10, 2019



We are very fortunate this month to feature a guest blogger, Ms. Aimee Lyons from DIYDarlin.com.  She has taken time to consolidate very helpful hints to make any bachelorette party budget-friendly.  Take a look and be sure to check out her website: Aimee Lyons:  www.diydarlin.com.


Every maid of honor has been there: You want to deliver an unforgettable bachelorette party that will blow everyone’s mind away, but there’s only so much money to work with. Even if you pool costs with the other guests, sometimes everyone is broke at the same time, or maybe everyone is saving up for the destination wedding.


No worries. It’s perfectly possible to plan an incredible bachelorette party without spending a fortune. Here are some top tips to keep your bachelorette bash under budget, no matter what style of party you want to throw.


At-Home Party


You may assume that hosting a bachelorette party at home is essentially free. Once you factor in decorations, games, food and drink, and party favors, you realize that’s not necessarily the case. However, there are ways to minimize these costs.


For example, party favors don’t have to be extravagant to be appreciated. Things like small makeup items or cute underwear make great gifts, and can be bought online affordably. For even more savings, look for coupons and daily deals.


You can also just get crafty! You can DIY everything from the decor (personalized balloons, tissue paper pompoms) to the games (bra pong, anyone?) to the snacks (go classy with champagne-soaked strawberries or less classy with chocolate-covered bananas). 


Night Out On The Town


The classic bar and club combo is a classic for a reason. Everyone has fun, no one has to host, and the bride gets to enjoy a big night with all her friends. However, you are far less in control of the costs than you would be at home.


One thing you can do is skip the bar and do the pre-party at home. A mimosa bar is a great way to get the party going at home before heading to the club, and the cost can be kept low if you ask every guest to bring a component, such as bubbly and fresh fruit. Don’t forget to provide snacks like chocolates or nuts, which can be bought at Dollar Tree for big savings then set out on fancy platters.


When it comes to buying drinks at the club, buying dinner, or getting taxis home, make sure no one ends up with the bulk of the bill. Ask all guests to get a bill-splitting app like Splitwise or SettleUp - make sure to get one that is easy for everyone to use, for example by having Paypal or Venmo integration. 


Activity Party


For brides who aren’t really into traditional parties, a fun day of organized activities can be a great alternative. It’s quite easy to keep these cheap, as long as you are happy to do some affordable activities like bowling, taking a cooking class, or hosting a backyard movie screening.


Destination Bachelorette Party


Finally, the most challenging bachelorette party to keep under budget: the destination party. It’s always going to be more expensive than drinks at home, but it doesn’t have to ruin everyone’s finances.


Don’t go straight for the package. Package vacations can be cheaper in some cases, but they also often involve loads of costs you don’t need. Get a few estimates from travel agencies, and then compare this to the costs of off booking things yourself.


Look for the best flights available on Skyscanner  and consider booking a vacation rental rather than a hotel. This will be more fun and is more worth your money - for example, the average price of a rental in Las Vegas is $378 a night, with an average occupancy of 9 people. That’s $42 per person - a hotel room in this price range is not likely to be as nice.


You can also save money by avoiding the obvious destinations (like Vegas) entirely. Great budget-friendly bachelorette destinations include Austin, Savannah, and San Juan in Puerto Rico.


Remember that the bachelorette party isn’t really about money or giving all your friends Instagram envy. It’s about the bride having a chance to celebrate her friendships in the lead up to her wedding and to have some fun in the middle of stressful preparations. As long as what you plan is heartfelt and suits the bride’s personality and taste, you will have nailed it.


















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