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It's the 2019 Wedding Season!

March 1, 2019



We are rapidly approaching spring wedding season - and I cannot wait!  We have 11 events planned so far - and have been averaging 3 additional contacts per day.  This is shaping up to be a busy year, so I ask our couples, if you've set the date and have your venue, please book your officiant.  It breaks my heart when I have been working with a couple but they didn't secure the date and another couple gets there first.


I work a little differently than some of my colleagues.  I would rather focus on one couple per day than to attempt multiple wedding ceremonies.  I think too much can go wrong when multiple ceremonies are booked on the same day.  I'd rather focus on my one couple and give them my full attention, since this their very special day. 


Having said that, if a couple wants a sunrise elopement at 6:00am and another couple wants an afternoon wedding, I think if they are in the same geographical area, I can work that out without any issue.  But weddings that are planned within a couple of hours of each other are tough to do.


2019 is off with a bang, so if you are working your planning checklist and you have not secured your officiant, please get that done.  If you're interested in chatting or setting up a no-cost consultation, you may book that on our website at:




Just click on bookings and select no-cost consultation.  Choose a time that works for you, provide a contact number, and your names.  I'll confirm the call and we can have a chat about your ceremony.  If you'd prefer,  just call me - 567-203-6323.  Your vision for your ceremony is our mission.  Call us today!

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