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Being Prepared on the Big Day!

June 5, 2018


When we think of the day of the wedding, we imagine beautiful flowers, a perfectly decorated venue, a heartfelt ceremony, delicious food, and lively dancing.  But, heaven forbid, it doesn't go as planned!


I am a big believer in being prepared - for as much as I can anticipate.  I generally try to keep a bridal "first aid kit" in my car for just such emergencies.  I carry things like a small sewing kit, safety pins, scissors, tape, hair spray, and the like.  I recommend to my couples (yes, the men have couture emergencies, too!) to put together a kit of things they may need for their wedding day.  Here are my top 10:


1.  A small first aid kit!  Band-aids, Tylenol, eye drops, allergy relief, vaseline, personal hygiene items, antacids, etc. may be needed and you certainly don't want to send someone out to buy them when everyone is trying to get ready for the ceremony. 


2.  A sewing kit!  I've attended several weddings where the bride or groom needed a needle and thread, but no one had one.  Safety pins are a great substitute and very versatile.  There are ready made kits that have just enough thread to help in an emergency.  Scissors, glue, and tape are also useful.


3.  Bottles of water!  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!  Especially if it's a hot day and the ceremony and celebration take place outdoors.  Your venue may supply cold water, but just in case, always have some on hand.


4.  Tissues or handkerchiefs.  At some point in the day, emotions will run high.  A tissue or handkerchief will come in handy to dry tears of joy or tears of pain from a skinned knee of the ring bearer.  I recommend to the Groom and Groomsmen that they all have some tissues and/or a handkerchief for just such occasions.


5.  Electronics chargers.  Today, almost everyone has cell phones and tablets that are used to text, make phone calls, or even candid photos.  When the bridal party is getting ready, it's a good idea to have chargers handy so that as the hours tick by, the electronics can be recharged if needed to last well into the evening of the celebration.


6.  Grooming items - mints, hairspray, comb, nail file, clear nail polish, polish remover, tweezers, blotting papers, fragrance - all little things that can help in a minor emergency and prevent major meltdowns!


7.  Just as important as water - food and snacks.  You don't need anything heavy, just something to keep your blood sugar stable.  Granola, power bars, protein shakes, cheese sticks, things that will keep your body on an even keel.  During all the activity, it is easy to forget to eat and that can make it difficult to handle all the stress and emotion. 


8.  Oral hygiene tools - bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, dental pick, etc.  You want to be "kissably fresh" for that first kiss!


9.  A light fashion jacket or pashmina.  If the afternoon or evening turns cold before you finish your outdoor photos, the jacket or pashmina will come in handy so that you don't freeze while standing there in your beautiful gown.


10.  Some miscellaneous items - wet napkins, deodorant, an umbrella or two, back up jewelry, plastic bags, a sharpie, lotion, extra pantyhose, q-tips, a lint roller, and anything else that you may feel that you need.  This may also be used to take with you on your honeymoon since much will be travel sized and contained in a single bag.


Final advice, start early and find a small bag, back pack, or even tackle box and start putting things like what I mentioned above in it.  You may also want to share the supplies with your bridal party.  If the couple will be getting ready in the same location, one "first aid kit" will do.  If they will be in different locations, you may need two.  Just having these things on hand will take the stress level down a bit and give you some peace of mind before you kick off your bridal event.  Be prepared - to enjoy your very special day!

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