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Love on the Lake

February 15, 2018


Thank you to everyone who came out for our first ever, Love on the Lake!  It was a cool and rainy Valentine's day, but we appreciate those who braved the north central Ohio winter to get married and renew vows.


We knew that being so far out in the middle of nowhere that our pool of possible couples would be small.  We decorated the Lodge in rustic decor, lit the fire in the fireplace, lit candles, made coffee, and cut the cake.  We offer a big thanks to the maintenance workers at Cinnamon Lake who came to our rescue when I couldn't get the bluetooth speaker to work!  Who knew you had to plug in the sound bar?!  (red faced Deb).


Thanks to Dale who was there for the whole event, wrote the receipts, took the license, and kept everything organized.  I could not have done it without him.


We relied on a lot of word of mouth, Facebook boosts, and other grass roots methods to let people know about the event.  We took away a lot of lessons learned and determined that as much as we'd like it to be an annual event, that week days in this area are too hard for people to get off work.  Our next event is tentatively slated for the next time that Valentine's Day is on a Saturday!  Mark your calendar!

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