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When Should You Book a Wedding Officiant?

February 4, 2018


At recent bridal shows, several people asked about when, in the order of all there is to do in preparing for a wedding, should they hire the officiant?  Many people know they have someone to fulfill that role, so there is not a lot of angst for those people.  Several people told me that they had a priest/pastor/rabbi/minister... you usually book them when you book the church or synagogue.  But, for those who do not have an officiant - when do you book them?


I went to the expert source of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO) and found an article that explains this very well.  The link for the article is here:  https://iapwo.org/articles/when-should-i-book-a-wedding-officiant/


IAPWO surveyed all the popular wedding sites to find out what type of information is presented to couples on this very important topic.  There is some conflicting info, so I recommend that you consider your situation and decide what you have left to book and if you have not booked your officiant as of yet, put it in your planner.  What did the IAPWO say?  "In conclusion, book your officiant as soon as you’ve booked your venue, along with your photographer, videographer, DJ, and other person-specific services. It’s much better to have your pick of the vendors you want to work with, and not just be stuck with whoever happens to still be available on your date."


That sounds like pretty good advice to me.  I hope that you found everything you were looking for at the bridal shows.  My advice is don't let all the information overload you.  Take your time and sort through all the info you received.  Wishing you all the best on your very magical day.

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