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Today's Bride - IX Center Expo

January 30, 2018


We just finished the Today's Bride IX Center expo yesterday and WOW!  Were there a lot of people who came out to see all the fabulous vendors!  I gave out all of my info cards, about half of my info packets and all but a small stack of my business cards.  I think many people were surprised to see a wedding officiant at the show.  I realize those who have pastors, priests, rabbis, and regular clergy don't need our services.  But there were some who did!


Several couples were happy to find us because we do the unusual kinds of ceremonies!  I know there are not enough weekends in the year for us to provide services for everyone, but we'd like to help as many couples as we can.  Our show specials were a hit - everyone likes a "deal" and I think we had some good ones.


It was very sad for me to have to turn away couples when I had already booked someone else on their day.  I am trying very hard to let people know what dates I have available up front, but I get so excited to talk to them that I forget.  I love meeting the couples, writing the ceremonies, and getting to marry people on one of the happiest days of their lives.


I am looking forward to the next two bridal shows - the Be-YOU-Tiful Bridal Show of Lorain County on 18 February and the Ashland, OH Bridal Show courtesy of Pump House Ministries and Catering on 4 March.  Stay tuned for more information on those as I will update my blog to give you those details, as well.  Hope to see you there!

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