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Trip to Wizard World-Comic Con

August 8, 2017


This past Friday I trekked to Columbus, Ohio for this year's Wizard World-Comic Con.  I was looking for ideas and supplies for cosplay wedding ceremonies.  I was not disappointed!  There were things like The Pumpkin Geek (Alex Wer) who takes beautiful realistic looking pumpkins and carves portraits on them.  Imagine a Halloween or Fall themed wedding ceremony with something like that as a focal point!  They were beautiful!  Check out his work at www.ThePumpkinGeek.com.


There were several brilliant artists there who do things like, instead of the usual caricature artist would sketch your guests (or you!) in the likes of The Joker and Harley Quinn as well as other famous (infamous?) pairs.  The variety of art was INCREDIBLE!  Chris Thomasma (@artofChrisThomasma), Brit Schwartz (Peanut Brittles Art), Jake Mumma (sketchmonkeyart.com), Matt W. Stout (iamStoutArt.com), Logan Carroll (logancarroll.com), Jerry Pesce (PescEffects,com)  and George Coghill (monsterologist.com).  All of these fine artists are taking commissions and will create something unique and just as unusual as you are!


For planning an entire wedding around your unusual theme, there was Experience Entertainment, LLC.  They had a T.A.R.D.I.S. as well as other special items that would make your event extra, extra special.  They even use cosplay and sci-fi wedding officiants like me!  There were several vendors who make and sell every manner of sword, hatchet, and even combat light sabers!  Ultra Sabers (UltraSabers.com) sell these light sabers that you can actually use in a cosplay battle, and the lights and sounds are sync'd to a computer.  How cool is that?!


There was one vendor there that I was pleased to meet - the Sci-Fi Speed Dating Guy, Ryan Glitch.  Of course, if he's successful, he will create a supply line of sci-fi people who need a sci-fi wedding officiant, me!  He said that he attends about 40 events a year.  Several here in Ohio - I was glad to hear that.  I hope that he is at the next event and I am also a vendor so that we can be near by and after a successful speed dating event, he can usher them over to my booth.  I'm just dreaming, but hey, it makes sense to me! 


An event where I hope to be a vendor is an event put on by the Akron Symphony.  It's called Video Games Live and takes place on October 28, 2017 in Akron, Ohio.  I just made contact, so more to come on that event.


If you want more information on any of these vendors and cannot find it on line, please let me know and I'll give you the info that I have available.


This was a very interesting and fun networking event and I hope to do more as well as be a vendor at the next one in Cleveland as well as the Columbus event next year.


See you there!

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