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Last Minute Marriage?  No problem!

July 28, 2017

Sometimes couples are just not interested in long engagements with expensive parties.  When my husband and I got engaged in October of 1975, we originally planned for a July 1977 wedding.  He was in the US Air Force and we were both stationed in Germany.


All that went out the window when he got a new assignment to another base in Germany and my Dad was scheduled to move us back to the US.  We decided to speed up the wedding and after being engaged for just 3 months, were married.


We came back to the US and were married in Ohio.  Trying to put the wedding together in such a short time was no easy feat.  My Mom did what she could and we had a lovely last minute wedding, all accomplished in about one week.


Finding an officiant proved to be the hardest part.  My Grandmother found one and even in 1976 it cost us $100 (about $500 in today's money, adjusted for inflation).  He gave us no options, it was a 15 minute traditional ceremony, nothing fancy.  I'm not sure he even knew our names!


I realized that things happen and it may not be possible to book An Unusual Affair's services a year or more out.  In order to accommodate these last minute needs, I created a new service for "Elopements". It's extremely budget friendly and essentially completes the marriage solemnization requirement.  It can be a bit of a gamble as to my availability, but if I am available, I will meet with you and complete the marriage requirements with little notice.


Please take a look at my website and choose the right service for you.  Congratulations for finding your love of a lifetime.

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