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What Type of Ceremonies Do You Offer?

July 23, 2017

One of the most common questions I receive is, "What type of ceremonies do you offer?"  I've tried to create a type of ceremony for many types of couples.  Here they are and what they usually contain:


Elopement Service:  For those couples who do not want the fuss and expense of a traditional (or unusual) wedding ceremony.  Generally the couple will contact me and let me know that they simply want to get married, without all the fuss of a traditional wedding.  They must have already gotten their marriage license and if I am available on the day they want to do this, we arrange to meet in person (could be a location of their or my choice, could be their home if it's close by or somewhere we agree on).  Generally this takes place between the couple and no one else attends.  The meeting takes place, I solemnize the wedding, sign the marriage certificate and send it in to the appropriate courthouse.  I insist on meeting face to face simply because I take my role in solemnizing marriages seriously. 


Ultra-Lite Wedding Ceremony:  This ceremony is for couples who want a ceremony that is basic, short and sweet.  Many couples seem to be looking for this type of ceremony and depending on what they want to put into the ceremony will take between 15 and 30 minutes.  The couple generally writes and performs their own vows.  The ceremony is custom based on what the couple wants to include while keeping it short.  This takes place at the couple's wedding venue in front of family and friends.


Basic Wedding Ceremony:  This is a traditional wedding ceremony.  It usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.  It often includes a few add one like a unity ceremony, acknowledging parents, grandparents, children, etc.  The effort of creating this type of custom ceremony requires some research and discovery on the part of the Wedding Officiant.  The couple will identify and insert any additional traditional elements that they would like included in the ceremony and the Officiant will work to include them and ensure an appropriate flow from the beginning to the end.


Enhanced Wedding Ceremony:  This is where the "unusual" begins.  The ceremony will be written to conform to whatever cosplay theme the couple chooses.  The Wedding Officiant will craft and deliver the ceremony in this theme.  This ceremony takes a significant amount of time to craft (it's an original work of art) that will weave the couple and their family and friends into the wedding ceremony:s theme.


Ultimate Wedding Ceremony:  This is the best of the "unusual!"  The Wedding Officiant is in full character along with the couple to deliver their one of a kind, fully customized cosplay wedding ceremony!  The sky is the  limit for the couple - the ceremony will include elements that will fully immerse their family and friends.  Think of attending a Renaissance Faire (as the theme) and every element of the wedding ceremony convinces you that you are in that time and attending a "real" renaissance wedding.  How cool is that?!


I love weddings.  I love all weddings!  From the most simple and elegant to the most fantastical and thematic!  I have tried to fit every type and pocketbook.  If I've missed anything, please drop me a note at An.Unusual.Affair@gmail.com and send me your suggestions.  I look forward to your feedback!

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