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What Should Your Officiant Know About Your Vows?

July 19, 2017

When you complete your request for vendors on Wedding.com, there is a place that says "What Should Your Officiant Know."


Many, many of you simply put "our own vows." What does that mean to you? Does it mean that you have jotted down some ideas of what you want to say during your ceremony? Does that mean that you've spent a significant amount of time and fully composed your commitment vows that you will speak to your beloved? Have you practiced saying them out loud? Or something in between?

I've had several couples tell me they've got the vows covered and then during the ceremony, which is a stressful time on its own, find out they never wrote them down, spoke them aloud, or heard them said back to decide if they convey what they really wanted to say. Panic ensues!

One bride panicked because she "forgot" to write her vows before the big day. I asked her if she could simply speak from her heart and make promises to her groom. She didn't think she could do that because she was too nervous. I asked her if she knew the words to a love song that meant something to both of them. She brightened up and said she did. I asked her to recite them to me, right then. She recited them and they were lovely. I told her that those words were a world of promise and appropriate to speak during the ceremony. And, she did.

Instead of telling the prospective Officiant that you have your own vows, give them a little more to work with. Tell us if you plan to write your own vows and don't need any help. Or, that you have an idea of what you want to say and will have it done before the wedding. Or, you'd like a traditional vow exchange, say I Do and be done.

Be sure to communicate with your Officiant so they can share their wealth of experience with you and you can be sure that your ceremony will be memorable, meaningful, and all about you! Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and lifetime of love and commitment.

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